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Pirone Lambros

NJ State Assembly
LD 16
"Building a Strong NJ -


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"Building a Strong NJ - Together"


Now more than ever we need leadership that’s focused

on our economy and our small businesses

Together, let’s make a difference.


      Business Investment-

  • Adequately fund the “Main Street” program to support small business growth and revitalization efforts

  • Expansion of innovation zone program creating local entrepreneurial hubs in our towns  

  • Transportation infrastructure to create jobs, attract business to our region and increase sustainability

  • Redevelopment tools to strengthen municipal investment in affordable housing and commercial development

  • Creation of a Central Jersey Tourism organization to promote agritourism, heritage tourism and destination marketing to Central Jersey

  • Reform antiquated liquor license laws to promote job creation and new business expansion

  • Opportunities for minority ownership of cannabis dispensaries


       Social Justice-

  • Continued expansion of a fair living wage for workers

  • Support family leave policies that protect women and minorities in the workplace

  • Diversity in public sector employee recruitment, in police, firefighters, and public works employees, through diversity training and recruitment practices

  • Prison reform to protect women in prison from sexual violation and harassment.


        Affordability and Quality of Life-

  • Simplify and expand the Senior Tax Freeze program, allowing Seniors to age in place without the burden of increased property taxes

  • Keep new rounds of Affordable Housing out of courts; reduce time to market and costs to municipalities

  • Sustainable development initiatives